Staff Volunteering in Guernsey for 2023

Giving back to the community we love to live in

As a local employer Insurance Corporation believes we have an important role to play in supporting our island community. It is therefore, a fundamental part of our culture to 'give something back' and to make a valuable and meaningful contribution to society.

We aim to achieve this through our extensive community service support programme which provides practical assistance to local charities and agencies that need support, through hands-on, physical help. Mark Marshall, Managing Director of ICCI said...

It's great that we can get the team out into the community, helping charities that need that extra support locally and at the same time having some fun. This year we have supported those charities that were successful in our Conservation Awards in both islands, Grow Ltd and GSPCA in Guernsey and the team in Jersey will be shortly volunteering at Acorn Trust in Jersey.

The Guernsey team were split into two separate group and over the course of two days and despite Storm Babet, the weather looked kindly on the team for both days, enabling them to help both inside and outside.

Steve Byrne, Manager of GSPCA said.....

The GSPCA were absolutely delighted for the help from a fantastic team of volunteers from Insurance Corporation last week. The team helped with so many tasks around the GSPCA the BIGGEST being the move of the reptiles, birds and arranging around the new Small Animal Department. They also helped with many cleaning and animal related tasks from walking dogs to socialising cats. We couldn’t do so much without the fantastic support from wonderful companies like the Insurance Corporation. From all the GSPCA team and animals a huge thank you.

Our teams always finds the volunteering days a particularly rewarding and humbling experience and great way to bond as a team outside of work, whilst at the same time, giving back to our communities.

Our Jersey team are looking forward to helping Acorn, winners of our Jersey Conservation Awards earlier this year.