Preventing a Loss

When a crisis happens it’s often hard to prioritise what you need to do and when. Below are some helpful guidelines that you can print out and put on your notice board for reference when ‘the unlikely happens’.

Fire safety

From smoke alarms to escape routes, we’ve covered every way you can ensure you save money and stress whilst staying safe.

Festive fire safety

Did you know something as simple as keeping your tree watered can keep you safe from fire? Find our 10 tips for Festive Fire Safety below.

Flooding advice

First, turn your radio on and your taps off! Secondly, follow our 7 ways to protect your property from floods.

Storm damage prevention

Storm damage can seriously cause harm to your home. We’ve scoured and studied to find the 7 best ways to protect your property.

Water damage advice

You live on an island. Water is everywhere and can become a costly issue. Follow our 7 tips to make sure you save money in the long term.

Escape of water

One of the most significant risks to property owners. Follow our practical advice to protect properties and help mitigate the damage.