Staff Volunteering for 2022

Giving back to the community we love to live in

As a local employer Insurance Corporation believes we have an important role to play in supporting our island community. It is therefore a fundamental part of our culture to ‘give something back’ and to make a valuable and meaningful contribution to society.

 We aim to achieve this through our extensive community service support programme which provides practical assistance to local charities and agencies that need support, through hands-on, physical help.

Mark Marshall, Managing Director of Insurance Corporation said, “It’s great that we can get the team out into the community, helping charities that need that extra support locally and at the same time having some fun."

This year our team have dedicated 189 hours of their time between two local charities:- Jersey Heritage in Jersey and the GSPCA in Guernsey. 

The team in Jersey spent a day clearing part of the site at Mont Orgueil Castle as part of their ICCI volunteer day. Fortunately, the weather looked kindly on them, enabling them to clear a huge area of land on the site that had become overgrown with nettles, weeds and brambles. 

Helen Gray from Jersey Heritage said, “We loved having the team from Insurance Corporation on site.  They worked hard and covered a lot of ground, clearing a large area of brambles by the Castle walls.  It was fantastic to have a friendly group of volunteers, who, despite a few bramble cuts, kept going and smiling throughout the day.  Thank you to every one of them."

In Guernsey we split our team into four separate groups and over the course of two days spent time at the GSPCA either dog walking, helping care for the animals or refreshing the site by painting their triage entrance, hallway area, gates and fences.

Other teams spent their time helping going through many boxes of donated clothing, sorting them on to racks and organising the stock rooms situated across the various floors of the Charity Shop affiliated with the GSPCA. 

Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager said, “From everyone at the GSPCA I would like to say a huge thanks to the staff at Insurance Corporation who helped over the two days, both at the Animal Shelter and the Charity Shop. It has been an incredibly busy period at the GSPCA and your staff achieved so much during those two days. They provided well over one hundred hours of invaluable help, painting the site, caring for our animals and helping at the Charity Shop in Smith Street.

 Insurance Corporation has done so much for the GSPCA over the years, supporting environmental and build projects, Olivia the loggerhead turtle and importantly, always giving us their valuable time, they help in so many ways. It is amazing what can be achieved when working together and the support the Insurance Corporation team gives the GSPCA is hugely appreciated by all of our team and the animals, thank you”.

Our team always finds the volunteering days a particularly rewarding and humbling experience and a great way to bond as a team outside of work, whilst at the same time, giving back to our local communities.

We are always looking at ways we can support our local communities, so if you are a charity in need of and extra few pairs of hand for a few days, please contact Michelle on 707561 and we would be very happy to investigate what assistance we might be able to provide.

Sarah Beatty, Commercial Director at Insurance Corporation said, "It's great to be able to provide support to our local community through our volunteering days. I'm really proud that our team make a difference and am grateful to Insurance Corporation for allowing us the time to do something so worthwhile and give back to the Islands in which we live”.