Pete Jennings celebrates 20 years' service with Insurance Corporation

We have been celebrating a number of long service milestones this year and this week, we are delighted to recognise Pete's 20 years’ service with us. Pete is our Business Governance Executive, having previously managed the Claims Team for a number of years. We caught up with Pete who said...

It’s incredible to think how quickly my time with Insurance Corporation has gone!  I was just 21 years old when I joined the company in 2003 as a trainee motor claims handler, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life or where it would lead.

So much has changed for me since then, both inside of work and out.  I progressed through the claims team, handling most classes of general insurance claims, gained my diploma in insurance, led the team and, more recently, had the opportunity to spread my wings outside of the claims function in business governance and join the management team – all moments that I am extremely proud of.  In addition to this, I have a beautiful family to share it all with.

This was all made possible by the great support I have received along the way.  Although there have been many new faces during my time here, some have remained throughout and, for me, it's the people which make this such a fantastic place to work.

I hope to enjoy many more successful years with Insurance Corporation.

Mark Marshall, Managing Director of ICCI said ...

Pete has been exceptional over the years, he’s progressed through our claims team where he started as a trainee claims handler, through to team leader and into his current role as ICCI’s Business Governance Executive, on the leadership team. His passion, commitment and delivery is exemplary, he’s an incredible asset to the team and our business and I am truly honoured to have worked with him for the last five years.

Congratulations Pete and thank you from all the team at ICCI for all your hard work and dedication - here’s to many more years with us!