National Careers Week 2024 - an interview with Emeline Guerin, our Underwriting Apprentice

#NationalCareersWeek highlights the many exciting career opportunities currently available. At Insurance Corporation we believe when you work with us, you open the door to a rewarding career in insurance, where you can grow your career at your pace, whilst gaining professional industry qualifications.

Emeline joined us in September 2022 and is now halfway through her apprenticeship journey, during which time she has already gained invaluable skills and knowledge that are shaping her career path. We caught up with Emeline to hear all about her experience since joining us.

Reflecting on your time halfway through our apprenticeship, what skills or knowledge have you gained so far that you find most valuable?

With this being my first office job, I have learnt a range of different skills on ICCI's apprenticeship programme such as constant communication, good teamwork and the importance of customer service. Being in my role whilst studying has helped me develop my knowledge faster as I can use real life examples from my everyday work life to help progress with my learning for exams. Studying whilst being an apprentice, also helps me to incorporate what I learn from the exam books into my everyday work.

How do you think our apprenticeship differs from traditional forms of education or training?

ICCI's apprenticeship scheme offers opportunities for people who want to continue their education and reach career goals that maybe don’t want to leave the island or find that normal study routes don’t suit them. I like having the balance of being able to learn from my normal day job role as well as from studying, with both of these helping to increase my knowledge of the insurance industry and helping me work towards a successful career.

Can you describe a particular project or task you've worked on that has enhanced your understanding of the insurance sector?

My role allows me to get an understanding of a wide range of different insurance classes of business, mainly focusing on commercial insurance. I get to see a wide variety of new business enquiries and look at a range of different types of business. I also do a lot of work on risk management through survey requests and the follow up reports and through this I have enhanced my understanding of what are positive and negative risk features to look out for within my underwriting knowledge.

How do you feel being allocated a study buddy has supported your professional development so far?

Having a study buddy has helped with supporting me throughout the journey and helped me obtain my Certificate in Insurance qualification. It is great to have someone who has been through what you are going through, provides advice when needed and understands the process of finding the balance between work life and study time. It also helps to be given real life examples that I can relate the studying to and it provides me with motivation on days where I may not want to study but I know I have to!

In what ways do you feel ICCI invests in your growth and progression within the company?

If you are ready for a new challenge and a change of environment, then an apprenticeship is a great opportunity to take up a career in insurance. The support and structure is in place to ensure that you will develop skills and knowledge whilst gaining qualifications and getting your foot in the door in the industry to enable you to start your career.

Do you have any advice for people looking to do an apprenticeship with us or looking to take up a career in insurance?

If you are ready for a new challenge or a change of environment, then an apprenticeship is a great way to get into the industry. ICCI makes sure the right support and structure is in place to ensure that you develop skills and knowledge, whilst gaining qualifications. It's a great opportunity to get your foot in the door in the industry and enable you to start a long career.