Fizz is awarded the IIJ Lifetime Achievement Award

On Friday 9 June 2023 at the annual Insurance Institute of Jersey dinner, Fizz Ward received the prestigious accolade - the IIJ Lifetime Achievement Award. Kirsty Cadec on behalf of the IIJ Committee said..

The Committee is delighted to announce that the winner of the IIJ Lifetime Achievement Award is Fizz Ward. The Committee recognised her exemplary service to Insurance Corporation along with her technical excellence and high-quality service. We salute Fizz’s unwavering commitment to outstanding personal performance and dedication to our industry. Well done Fizz!

On the evening Sarah Beatty from Insurance Corporation was asked by the IIJ Committee to present the award to Fizz…

I was so pleased to be able to say a few words before Fizz took to the stage to receive her award.  It gave me the opportunity to tell everyone how genuinely proud I am of Fizz to have won such a prestigious and well-deserved award.  Fizz is held in the highest regard by her colleagues and industry peers alike and is instrumental in ensuring our local insurance industry maintains a strong reputation and acts as a role model to new joiners to the industry. The technical capability, passion and pure brilliance which Fizz brings is inspiring and irreplaceable in the market.

Mark Marshall, MD of ICCI said…

Richly deserved recognition for Fizz - she’s been amazing over the years and continues to be so. Fizz is an incredible asset to our team and the wider industry.

Thank you for everything you do for the industry and Insurance Corporation Fizz. Congratulations once again from all the team at ICCI!