Emma Woods celebrates 5 years' service with Insurance Corporation

We have been celebrating a number of long service milestones this year and this week, we are delighted to recognise Emma’s 5 years’ service with us.  Emma is a member of our Operations Team.  We caught up with Emma who said …

I started with ICCI as a temp on Reception in March 2019, after 3 months I was offered the permanent position with the company which I was delighted with as you are part of the ICCI family which is so lovely. My role has since progressed and I am now an operations administrator which I love. We have recently moved into a new modern office in Admiral Park which is amazing! I have certainly enjoyed my 5 years with ICCI. Thank you so much for all the support you give to us all.

 Jon Lake our Head of Operations, IT & Change Management said ….

 Emma is an invaluable member of our team, always reliable, always diligent, and always focused on delivering the best outcome for our customers.

Thank you Emma for your commitment to ICCI and congratulations from all the team on your 5 years’ service!