Allan Straker celebrates 20 years service with Insurance Corporation

We have been celebrating a number of long service milestones this year and this week, we are delighted to recognise Allan's 20 years’ service with us. Allan is our Finance Manager and has been an invaluable member of the senior management team at ICCI for the past two decades. We caught up with Allan who said.....

I moved to Guernsey from the UK with a young family in 2003, joining ICCI as Financial Controller and Company Secretary, progressing initially to Finance Manager as part of the Management Team and subsequently also taking responsibility for the Claims function.

From the outset, I felt the Company had a real focus and commitment on its people and that view has not changed during my career to date. I’ve really enjoyed working at ICCI over the years and absolutely made the right decision joining the ICCI family in the distant past.   

I would like to thank my colleagues past and present for their collaboration, support, and encouragement, which have helped make the past 20 years all the more rewarding and enjoyable.

Mark Marshall, Managing Director of ICCI said....

Allan has been a mainstay of ICCI over the years. His passion for the company, the people and our customers never wanes. Allan has such a huge amount of knowledge, integrity and determination to do what’s right. He makes a positive impact on the business everyday, is a critical member of the Insurance Corporation leadership team and a great colleague and friend.

Congratulations Allan and thank you from all the team at ICCI for all your hard work and dedication - here’s to many more years with us!