Emily Tullier – CII New Generation Programme update

In October 2021 we announced that Emily Tullier was one of 40 UK insurance professionals to be selected for the Chartered Insurance Institute’s New Generation programme. Emily has been working with a team of nine other underwriting professionals around the UK, working on submitting a paper on how their proposals can limit issues faced by the public, the Government and insurers. We caught up briefly with Emily to find out how the programme is going:-

How have you been finding the programme so far?It’s been really good so far – we’ve had a mix of some virtual sessions and some in-person sessions. The most recent session was a visit to the Houses of Parliament and an opportunity to hear and meet representatives from BIBA (British Insurance Brokers’ Association) and an opportunity to network with all the candidates on the programme afterwards. The BIBA talk enabled our team to have a light bulb moment on what we wanted to do. We also had the chance to hear from last year’s cohort which was very interesting.

What was the tour of the Houses of Parliament like and what did you take away from the talk with BIBA?The tour of the Houses of Parliament was really good and informative but it was a little bit disappointing in that Prime Ministers questions were happening that day, so we did not get to see the House of Lords, which we were all really looking forward to seeing. We got to see the main hall and various rooms off it. We then heard from BIBA about how they lobby issues facing insurers in Parliament. This was a fascinating talk and inspired our team to reconsider our original project proposal. Having the opportunity after the network event to discuss our proposed project with representatives from BIBA and the CII was invaluable.

Have you chosen a topic for your project and how often do you meet virtually as a team?Following our recent get together we have landed on a theme for our project, we just need to work out what exact route we will take. We have a virtual call every week, whilst we have all been separately researching our project. The opportunity to meet face to face recently helped us to move our project along. Once we have all solidified our findings, we will then agree the plan as to which route we will go down in terms of our project.

No formal date has been set yet for our project to be submitted/presented. We have a range of options open to us and we are currently exploring the best way to present our project. We are looking at conducting some polls and a questionnaire which the CII will distribute for us, using their contacts/networks. This enables us to get a direct view from the market which will be very interesting once we see the findings.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?Apart from getting lost in London, our biggest challenge has been trying to come up with the topic/project and then pin everyone down to meet and discuss remotely. We all have day jobs and outside commitments, so this has been challenging but the face to face meeting opportunities have certainly helped us bond as a group.

What’s coming up that you are looking forward to?I am looking forward to the media talk in June which should be varied, interesting and relevant and we hope to hear from MP Craig Treacey.