Emily Tullier is one of 40 UK insurance professionals selected for the Chartered Insurance Institute’s New Generation Programme

Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands is proud to announce that Emily Tullier, who works in our underwriting team as our Trading & Service Lead, is the only Channel Islander to have been selected to take part in the Chartered Insurance Institute’s flagship talent New Generation Programme. After a competitive application process, with about 130 other candidates, she now has a chance to help shape the UK’s insurance profession.

Each year, just 40 upcoming insurance professionals are given the chance to shape the world of insurance by working together on projects that they believe could improve the profession. They are split into four groups of Claims, Underwriting, Broking and the London Market and will spend the next year identifying, completing and presenting their proposal to the Chartered Insurance Institute’s board.

Emily will join a team of nine other underwriting professionals from across the whole of the UK and work with them to submit a paper on how their proposal can limit issues faced by the public, government and insurers.

The programme is both challenging and rewarding; demanding innovative thinking, excellent teamwork skills, and dedication. Later this week, Emily will attend a virtual induction day and by the end of the year will have presented her group’s initial ideas to the relevant board. The programme will culminate next September with a special end-of-event dinner for all participants.

The 2017-2018 CII’s New Generation Broking Group published a report looking at funding long-term care for the elderly, exploring whether there was an insurance solution that could sit alongside a political solution. The 2019-2020 Claims Group focused on trying to reduce the issues caused to home and business owners, as well as insurers, around flooding. They created an interactive leaflet outlining the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ flood resilience grant which people with properties prone to flooding could apply for to install flood defences.

Throughout the next year, Emily and her peers will attend interactive sessions with key personnel from regulatory bodies and hear talks from Members of Parliament and lobbying organisations in the insurance sector. They will also undergo training on subjects such as leadership and dealing with the media.

About the experience, Emily said she was most excited to expand her networking and meet with parliamentary professionals and CII board members to discuss the key challenges facing the industry at the moment. ‘It will be a real challenge but also an incredible opportunity,’ she said. ‘Insurers in the Channel Islands can face different challenges to those on the mainland, so I’m excited to draw on my own experiences to bring a fresh perspective to the team and learn from others who are perhaps more exposed to the kinds of issues we’ll be dealing with.’

Insurance Corporation managing director Mark Marshall was delighted that Emily had been successful. ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for Emily to develop her knowledge and skillset that will undoubtedly benefit both Emily’s development, the office and our company as a whole,’ he said. ‘Everyone is really proud and incredibly supportive of Emily and we can’t wait to hear about the exciting opportunities she will get throughout the coming year.’

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