Brexit – Green Card Update For Our Motor Policyholders

Friday 31st January marks the official day the UK leaves the European Union and enters into a transition period until 31 December 2020. Please be aware that during this transition period, there will be no change to the current requirements for a motor Green Card when taking your vehicle abroad.

Any vehicles travelling to the EU, EEA, Andorra, Serbia or Switzerland for any trip which falls within the period of time provided by your policy, will not require a Green Card to be issued.

Green Cards will need to be issued under the following circumstances only. Please get in touch with your Broker to discuss your requirements, giving as much notice as possible :

· If foreign use cover is required for any country outside of EU, EEA, Andorra, Serbia or Switzerland.

· If foreign use cover is required for a period of time outside the cover automatically given by your policy.

· If foreign use cover is required for any vehicles covered under your Commercial Vehicle or Motor Trade policies. Cover is not automatically provided within these policy wordings, beyond the minimum levels of cover required by law in the Country being visited.

Please check your policy wordings, or speak to your Broker, to ensure you have appropriate cover in place prior to any travel.

We will provide an update on this towards the end of the transition period, once full requirements are known.

Sarah BeattyCommercial Director for Insurance Corporation