Exciting Future for Health and Social Care in the Bailiwick

Since 1991, Insurance Corporation have been proudly funding and supporting innovative ideas from Health and Social Care (HSC) staff to enhance health and social care provision in the Bailiwick of Guernsey through their annual Healthcare Bursary.

The annual competition, which is now in its 28th year, is open to staff members of HSC who submit ideas to improve health or social care in the islands.

2019 has been another year of inspiring entries; and after shortlisting winners were announced at the annual awards ceremony at The Farmhouse Hotel on 13th November 2019.

Following an afternoon of presentations on 31st October 2019, in front of a panel of seven judges, it was decided that Deborah Harris, Moira Norman and Olwen Bain-Brehaut would be awarded the top prize of £2000 to help fund their project, ‘Reminiscence Therapy for Patients with Cognitive Impairment’ (RITA).

RITA is an evidence-based digital therapy system which allows patients to use apps, games and other leisure activities as part of their hospital stay. Used primarily for elderly patients with cognitive impairments, such as dementia, it has been shown to be effective in calming distressed or anxious patients.

The runner up award was presented to Zoe Andrews, whose aspirations are to introduce the global charity ‘Harvey’s Gang’ to put the minds of critically ill children at ease via a sample journey of the laboratory to see how pathology works. Zoe was awarded with a prize fund of £1000.

'This investment by ICCI into healthcare in the Bailiwick is now in its 28th year, which cumulatively, means the impact in the community over that time is quite considerable.'

The Bailiff of Guernsey, Sir Richard Collas

Matt Jones, Director of Operations at HSD said: ‘The Insurance Corporation Bursary Scheme which has operated since 1991 makes a real difference to our staff and the work they deliver for our community across health and social care. The award drives innovation and directly supports our commitment to continually challenge and transform our services. The greatest challenge we have is choosing a winner from the quality applications we receive each year. All applicants have fully embraced the Partnership of Purpose and I would like to thank both our staff and friends at the Insurance Corporation for their engagement and support of this important initiative.’

The Insurance Corporation’s Managing Director Mark Marshall said the continuing popularity of the competition is no surprise: ‘Since joining Insurance Corporation earlier this year, I have been hugely impressed with the Company’s community support programme. I am really proud that Insurance Corporation have been pioneers amongst the corporate community for recognising the worth of funding positive achievements in this area for nearly three decades and long may it continue. Our thanks go to the staff at HSC for taking the time to complete our bursary applications and take part in our awards to benefit patients and service users. This bursary would not be possible without the hard work and dedication from the entrants themselves.’

Sarah Beatty, Insurance Corporation's Commercial Director, said: 'Our investment into healthcare in the islands will continue and ICCI are determined to continue the Healthcare Bursary year on year. I am very proud to be part of a company that cares about the community so much'

This year’s other finalists were as follows:

Improving the Service Provided for Mental Health in the Emergency Department - Carly Hearn & Anja Rozema Supporting the Journey through Critical Care & Beyond - Suzanne Fallaize

The top prize at the 2018 Healthcare Bursary was awarded to Annabel Nicholas and Elaine Torrance for ‘The iris Project’. Their project works to improve satisfaction of midwifery services for the women of Alderney.

Follow the development of the winning projects throughout 2019/20 via the Insurance Corporation website and Facebook Page