James Foote Completes 5 Years Service at ICCI

General Manager Mandy Hunt presented James Foote, Claims Administrator, with a bottle of champagne and a voucher to commemorate his work birthday with ICCI.

“It’s always nice when your first activity of the day is to recognise someone for their time with ICCI – yesterday James was the lucky one! James celebrated 5 years with ICCI on Sunday, and we all know how important and valuable our claims proposition is, as it is a key part of the ICCI brand and the work James (alongside all the Claims team) is invaluable in making ICCI successful! Congratulations James!” Mandy Hunt, General Manager of ICCI

“I have enjoyed my time with ICCI working with a great team and hope that this will continue for many years to come.” James Foote

Congratulations James!