Insurance Corporation Team Member Jo Ford Obtains ACII Status

We’re once again delighted for another Insurance Corporation team member - Jo Ford; who has recently obtained ACII Status.

“ICCI has a strong history in supporting professional qualifications and I am absolutely delighted to announce that another member of our team, Jo Ford, has achieved ACII status.  Only 3 months ago we congratulated Simone Le Goff for the same reason.  The hard work and dedication needed to complete the qualification should not be underestimated and is testament to Jo’s dedication to enhancing her technical knowledge.” Mandy Hunt, General Manager

We spoke to Jo to find out more about her experience during the ACII process…


What is your role at ICCI and how long have you worked for the company?

I’m an Underwriter working in the Jersey Underwriting Room and I will be part of the team for 6 years in March 2016.

What has the process been in regards to gaining the ACII status, and what does it mean?

It’s been a very lengthy process as I sat my first Insurance exam in 2007! The Advanced Diploma is a professional qualification for Insurance staff working in all areas of Insurance and it’s the logical progression for anyone who has obtained their Diploma. It takes a lot of hard work and self- motivation and of course the support of your Employers.

Have you enjoyed the opportunity to develop your career whilst working at ICCI? What support have you received?

I am very grateful to ICCI for the support and encouragement I have received which has allowed me to progress not only in my day to day role but also to achieve my Diploma and more recently the ACII qualification.

What does gaining ACII status mean to you?

Gaining the ACII qualification has given me such a sense of achievement, it’s been a big test of my determination and I’m really pleased that I managed to stick with it until the end.

What are your plans and career ambitions moving forward?

To continue to develop my technical skills and knowledge


Congratulations Jo!