Insurance Corporation Healthcare Bursary Winners

The winners from the final 5 entrants to the ICCI Healthcare Bursary were announced today.

Nancy Golland, Judy Moore and Olwen Bain-Brehaut from HSSD were awarded £2,000 to help fund their initiative - 'Activity Levels In The Elderly - A Pilot Study'.

"It's made me excited to think that we can actually take our project into action, because it'll make a difference in the elderly community and expand to improve people's lifestyles and health." Judy Moore


The runner-up prize was awarded to Susan Steer, who hopes to "develop an assistive technology resource and demonstrate its effectiveness in the older adults community mental health team."

Congratulations to all of the 5 entrants and their projects, including 'The Amber Care Bundle', 'The Introduction of an Insulin Passport', and 'Safe as Houses'.

Thank you to the Deputy Bailiff Richard McMahon for presenting this years awards.