2023 Bailiwick Conservation Award Winners Announced

Our 2023 Conservation Awards Best Conservation Project winner in the Bailiwick competition has been named as GROW Ltd for their 'Grow Guernsey Natives' project.

'Grow Guernsey Natives' is a joint venture between GROW Ltd and the botany section of La Société Guernesiaise and aims to conserve native plant species and encourage islanders to include them in their gardens and other open spaces. The Grow team explained that there are 167 plant species native to Guernsey, which are considered rare in the British Isles, and since the beginning of the project in 2021, 18 sorts of seeds have been propagated and are tended and offered for sale at Grow.

We are delighted to win this year’s Conservation Awards in the Bailiwick and hope our success will continue to spread the word about the importance of conserving the islands’ fauna and flora

Michelle Steele, HR & PR Executive for Insurance Corporation and Chairperson of the Judging panel said..

Our native plant species are vital for insects and wildlife throughout the Bailiwick and it is wonderful to see such a proactive approach towards their conservation. We are delighted to celebrate this initiative that not only supports conservation, but also supports our commitment to diversity and inclusion through the amazing work that Grow undertakes in the islands

This year’s Runner-up prize was awarded to the GSPCA, for their Guernsey Wildlife Project that helps thousands of wild animals and birds every year. In order to continue to undertake this important work the GSPCA is working hard to replace its out-dated facilities, with a new wildlife hospital designed with a green footprint and living roof, to support future generations and the prize money from the Award will contribute towards its fundraising.

The School & Youth Group Green Award was awarded to Alderney Wildlife Trust’s Natures Classroom Project, aiming to bring the youth of Alderney closer to nature. The project encourages the use of outdoor spaces for educational purposes and provides resources to generate a creative connection to nature. It inspires young people to engage with conservation activities, volunteering opportunities and future learning and development, ultimately benefiting the future of our wildlife and ecosystems.

Islanders were also invited to vote for their favourite entry through an online poll, to win The Peter Walpole People’s Choice Award. The Award was created in honour of the founder of Insurance Corporation and this year’s winner was Elizabeth College’s Eco Team, who were also recognised by the judges as the 2023 Young Conservationists of the Year.

The Eco Team have been working for 3 years on a variety of projects, making sure environmental links exist in all subjects of the curriculum. The projects include learning to grow in a sustainable way, undertaking community work that promotes the wellbeing of the island and organising Eco and Botanical Art Clubs within the College. The team takes every opportunity to understand the wider impact of issues such as global warming and takes a proactive approach to conservation, lessening the impact of the College on its environment and educating its pupils for the future.

The judges also wanted to recognise and reward the efforts of all the finalists this year and Highly Commended Certificates were handed out to:-

  • Laura Harrison representing La Société Guernesiaise for their Bat survey project

  • Huw Sharp representing Guernsey Conservation Volunteers & the National Trust of Guernsey for their work creating butterfly glades in the Clifton Valley

  • Guernsey Conservation Volunteers for all the work they are doing to remove stinking onions from Bluebell Woods

Michelle summarised ...

Our awards have been running for over three decades and we continue to be delighted by the diverse and exciting range of entries we receive. There are so many islanders committed to protecting and enhancing the natural environment within the Bailiwick and this has to be a wonderful thing for our community and the future of the Bailiwick – our congratulations go to them all’.