World Menopause Day - 2022

At Insurance Corporation we put the wellbeing of our team at the top of our agenda and we continually look at ways to ensure we create a working environment where everyone can thrive.

We spoke to Donna Binet, ICCI's Menopause Champion, to find out how Insurance Corporation is continuing to support individuals, partners, families, friends and colleagues affected by the menopause or andropause.

This year we are celebrating being the first recognised Channel Island employer working towards Menopause Friendly Accreditation. As a Channel Island’s employer of choice, we are striving for a long-term and sustainable change in the workplace, where everyone can achieve their best.

We are committed to making a positive difference to those going through the menopause or andropause, directly or indirectly. We have been coaching our senior management and team leaders during the year; equipping them with awareness training and guidance on what reasonable adjustments can be made to better support our team. The changes we have made this year have already had a profound impact, but we need to keep the conversation going.

World Menopause Day falls in the middle of October, in Menopause Awareness Month and it provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate how far Insurance Corporation have come and positively look forward to the future.

The theme of this year’s World Menopause Day is ‘Cognition and Mood’, which is extremely important in broadening everyone’s understanding.  Many people simply associate this stage in life with physical symptoms, when the psychological symptoms can be the most challenging.

Statistics show that 50% of individuals affected by the menopause suffer with low mood and depression, 70% experience brain fog, and 40-50% experience memory and concentration issues. All of these symptoms have a direct knock-on effect.

We recognise that older women in our workforce carry with them vast and valuable experience and we are here to support and empower all our team to reach their full potential, as well as passing on their wealth of knowledge. We have started the conversation to normalise the menopause in our workplace for both men and women and we challenge other local employers to start their own conversations.