Commercial products

Hotel & guest house

Hotels and guest houses have a unique set of requirements - Our cover is the perfect solution for hotels and guest houses in the islands and our products cover a maximum of four premises.

A safer, stronger business

We offer a wide range of risk control guides to help safeguard your customers’ businesses and interests. From health and safety to weather damage, you can help your customers put in place a comprehensive risk mitigation programme by supplying them with a wide range of content created by our risk experts.

Standard cover contents

  • Contents, stock, public and products liability, and employers’ liability

  • Hotel cover is available for guests’ personal effects (£2,500 per guest)

  • 50% seasonal stock increase during November, December and 30 days prior to Easter

  • All risks goods in transit cover of £2,500 (option to extend to £10,000)

  • £1,000 cover for damage to frozen and chilled food (option to extend to £10,000 per unit)

  • Public and products liability £2m limit of indemnity (option to reduce or increase)

  • Money package defaults to £3,500

  • Loss of liquor licence (£100,000 as standard with potential to increase as required)

  • Business interruption up to £3m gross revenue

Why choose us?

Our policies are tailored to meet the specific needs of the sector within the islands and provides:

  • A competitive package of covers, with generous and flexible limits

  • Cover for leakage of alcoholic or soft drinks from storage containers or connected apparatus

  • Business interruption cover for notifiable diseases, food or drink poisoning, defective sanitation, murder, suicide, vermin and pests (£100,000 limit as standard)

  • Automatic extension to cover up to £5,000 of outside furniture