Commercial Products

Commercial combined

A complete solution tailored to the customer’s specific needs, consisting of property and liability insurance in the Channel Islands, rolled into a single, manageable premium. All delivered through local underwriting capability and claims handling.

What we cover

  • Property

  • Business Interruption

  • Liability

  • Money

  • Goods in Transit

  • ‘All Risks’

  • Deterioration of Refrigerated Stock

  • Glass

Other benefits

Option A - Fire and Additional Perils

Cover automatically includes Fire, Lightning, Aircraft and Explosion to which you should consider adding any or all of the following:

  • Malicious Damage, Riot and Civil Commotion

  • Storm, Flood and Burst Pipes

  • Earthquake

  • Impact by Road or Rail Vehicles or Animals

  • Leakage of Sprinkler Installations.

  • Theft, subsidence, landslip and heave.

Option B - Extended Cover

This wider cover includes the full range of perils under Option A plus Accidental Damage.

Cover is available for:

  • loss of Gross Profit (see below) as a result of a reduced level of trading

  • reasonable expenses necessarily incurred to maintain sales and production such as the costs of renting and setting up temporary premises

There is a £10 million limit for the indemnity afforded in respect of EMPLOYERS’ LIABILITY claims (£5 million in respect of an act of Terrorism), and for PUBLIC AND PRODUCTS LIABILITY claims the limit you require can be selected from the amounts shown on the proposal.

The cover provided includes:

  • liability for damage to leased or rented premises

  • liabilities you might incur from Employees using their own motor vehicles on your business

  • liability for financial loss suffered by other parties which does not result from injury or damage but arises, for example, from escape of poisonous gas or toxic fluids causing production to be suspended in nearby businesses

  • indemnity to Employees and directors against legal costs for actions brought against them as a result of business activity.

Business machinery and other valuables Cover is available for loss of or damage to:

  • business machines - (e.g. computers, dictating machines, cash registers etc.)

  • exhibition displays

  • scientific apparatus

  • specified valuables - e.g. trophies, pictures or other works of art.

Whilst within or away from the premises insured.

Cover is for the cost of replacement and can be extended to include damage to blinds, signs, intruder alarms foil and contents of windows.